Integrated Communications made easy in support of your customer service excellence.

Miko are a ComReg licensed telecommunications supplier. We make all forms of telecommunications easy to use by clients. The Miko platform has all telecommunications service types integrated and interoperable:

  • Telephone calls, Conference calls, Call Recording …
  • Call management within business expert groups in your company.
  • SMS, MMS…
  • Intelligent Interactive Voice Response (i-IVR), Speech Recognition, Text to Speech…
  • Integration with CRM, Outlook… systems

All within one interoperable service capability.

Miko customise and configure relevant communications services and technologies to best support excellence for your customer service, lower operational costs and flexibility and openness to evolve in line with customer requirements and technology advancements.

  • Replace your existing on premise telephone system with a highly functional cloud based telephony service.
  • We can put i-IVR’s in place to best support your business processes.
  • Secure your telephony and mobile transactions and interactions through our highly accurate voice biometrics service.

Implementing the above directly results in more rapid resolution and completion of your customer queries and transactions.

All incoming calls will always find a relevant expert.